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Veterinarian-Client-Patient Relationship (VCPR)

Georgia State Law requires that a valid Veterinarian-Client-Patient Relationship (VCPR) has been established prior to releasing, prescribing, and/or dispensing any prescription drugs. An appropriate VCPR exists when:


  1. The veterinarian has assumed the responsibility for making medication judgements regarding the health of the animal(s) and the need for medical treatment, and the client (owner or caretaker) has agreed to follow the instructions of the veterinarian.

  2. There is sufficient knowledge of the animal(s) by the veterinarian to initiate at least a general or preliminary diagnosis of the medical condition of the animal(s). This means that the veterinarian is personally acquainted with the keeping and care of the animal(s) by virtue of:

    1. an examination of the animal(s) by the veterinarian within the last twelve (12) months, or

    2. medically appropriate and timely visits to the premises where the animal(s) are kept.;

  3. A VCPR cannot be established solely by telephone, computer or other electronic means; and

  4. A licensed veterinarian is readily available for follow-up in case of adverse reactions or failure of regimen of therapy.


Laboratory Testing

Some prescriptions require certain lab tests to be performed. For example, any dog 7 months of age and older who has not previously been on heartworm prevention, has not had a heartworm test in the previous 12 months, and/or has had a lapse in heartworm prevention of more than 60 days since the last due date require a heartworm test prior to dispensing any heartworm prevention. 


Also, the long-term use of any drug can also have complications, such is the case with osteoarthritis or seizure medications on the liver. These conditions need to be monitored so that therapies can be modified as needed. By keeping up to date with your pet’s condition and identifying problems before they become critical, we are ensuring the best health and welfare of your pet.


Online Pharmacies and Written Prescriptions

Southside Mobile Veterinary Services has partnered with MyVetStoreOnline and Vet’s First Choice (Covetrus) to provide you with 24/7 access and direct shipment of medications, parasite preventatives, supplements, and products for your pets. These sources are manufacturer-authorized distributors which means that if there is a problem with the product, we can easily track back to the original manufacturer to identify any issues and either request reimbursement or a replacement of the product. In addition, the warranties for those products are guaranteed because we can verify their storage and handling. As such, for the best welfare of your pet, we do not respond to any outside prescription authorizations.


If you would prefer to purchase your prescriptions from an outside source, we will provide a written prescription at no charge during your appointment. A $5.00 prescription mailing fee is assessed for all written prescriptions needing to be mailed to your address. A $15.00 shipping and handling fee is assessed for any product(s) that are mailed from our in-house inventory.


For more information about researching online pharmacies go to our Pet Health Articles page and search the article entitled Cautions Associated with Internet Pharmacies.

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