Dr. Mary Aboko-Cole

"Dr. ABC" - Owner, Veterinarian

Like most veterinarians, I’ve known I’ve wanted to work with animals since I can remember. (Although I will say, in the beginning, I always thought I would be the one in the khakis climbing up trees and searching through rain forests and deserts for exotics species.) Ultimately, it was my mom’s influence (the HUMAN doctor) and a love for the sciences that led me into veterinary medicine. I love seeing and hearing stories about the bond between people and their pets. After all, animals are always honest and straightforward. Therefore, I enjoy the challenge of interpreting what they’re trying to communicate or how they are feeling, conveying that to my clients, and then coming together to decide the best course of action for them and their pets.

I grew up in Huntsville, AL and after receiving a B.S. in Zoology from Auburn University in 2007, I graduated from Tuskegee University College of Veterinary Medicine in 2011. I moved to Jonesboro, Georgia in February 2013. My experience has been as a general small animal practitioner, mainly dogs and cats, in corporate, private, and non-profit industries. Still working as an independent contractor (relief vet), I started Southside Mobile Veterinary Services to offer a more personalized approach to veterinary care. This year, I will complete the final 2 requirements to become a Certified Veterinary Acupuncturist and Certified Veterinary Food Therapist after completing 178 hours of coursework and passing two final exams (oral and written) from Chi Institute of Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine. I strongly believe in personal development and will continue to attend conferences and seminars to increase my knowledge of veterinary medicine and stay up to date with the current trends so I can administer the best care to my patients and clients.

I have a Boxer named Maxine Shaw who is my good girl, my people-pleaser. She loves to bark at random sounds in and around the house. BB Jenkins, my Pug, is my troublemaker and will do anything for food. She makes sure to follow me every time I go to the kitchen and keeps tabs on where I’m at in the house so she can run off and get into things. And lastly, is Samantha, my ball python. She’s a loner and tends to keep to herself. In my free time, I enjoy binge watching dramas, movies, and anime on Netflix, cooking and entertaining, going to food and wine festivals, dancing, listening to music and collecting turtles.




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