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Flea and Tick Prevention

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Service Description

In comparison to worms, I don't know which is worse. They may not be able to infest us, but they can pass on some pretty bad diseases such as Cat Scratch fever, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, and Lyme Disease to name a few. There are several options for prevention from oral tablets or chews, topical products applied to the skin on the back, or collars. The important thing is to prevent them from even squatting on your pet in your house in the first place. Each female flea can lay 50 eggs per day and they can last in the environment for 3-4 months. Those numbers definitely add up. You either need to get them before they lay eggs or keep the eggs from maturing into adults. In the meantime, your pet is scratching all over the place, losing fur and damaging their skin. Not to mention if any ticks are able to transmit some of those deadly diseases. We can discuss your exposure risks with you and decide together which product would be best for you and your pet. As I've said before, easy to prevent. Harder to treat. Please visit our Online Store for product and pricing details, as well as the Companion Animal Parasite Council link on our FAQ page for more information on flea and tick infestation, treatment, and control. *It is our policy that before dispensing any oral flea and tick medication, your pet must have had a physical exam performed by our clinic within in the past 12 months.

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