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Feline Leukemia

Nobivac® Feline 2-FeLV

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The earliest a leukemia vaccination is recommended to be 12 weeks of age (some say as early as 9 weeks). Regardless of age, after the initial dose a booster is required in 3-4 weeks, then every 2 years for cats at low risk of infection and yearly for cats at higher risk. All kittens should receive at least one initial dose and booster even if they are indoor-only cats because of their susceptibility to the disease. A recommendation for leukemia vaccination is generally given if it your cat goes outdoors at any time during the day. It is generally transmitted via body fluids, including saliva, feces, milk and urine. Transmission occurs through sustained close contact among cats. Behaviors such as mutual grooming, sharing of food and water bowls and litter boxes, and fighting can contribute to transmission, primarily via saliva. About Feline Leukemia: Leukemia virus suppresses the immune system making infected cats more susceptible to secondary diseases and well as causing the formation of tumors (lymphosarcoma). Quarantine from other cats, managing any secondary infections that appear, as well as a good nutrition and routine care is the best way to care for these cats. However those that are persistently, severely affected usually pass within 2-3 years after infection.

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