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Canine Influenza

Nobivac Canine Flu Bivalent (H3N8+H3N2)

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  • 40 US dollars
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Service Description

The earliest an influenza vaccination can be given is recommended at 12 weeks of age (some say as early as 8 weeks). Due to previous outbreaks in boarding and daycare facilities around the US, most are requiring this vaccine prior to admission. Regardless of age, after the initial dose, a booster is required in 3-4 weeks, then yearly. As with bordetella (most common cause of kennel cough in dogs), it is most commonly seen after a pet has come from a shelter or boarding facility or has had contact with other affected dogs. The disease is also highly contagious and is housed and spread via the upper respiratory system. But unlike, bordetella virtually all dogs are susceptible to the disease, symptoms can be more severe, and spreads more easily to the lungs causing pneumonia. In addition to the usual harsh, hacking (goose honking) cough and nasal discharge, they can also develop a fever. Still, any pressure on the neck (collar/slip lead) or any excitement/exercise may cause a cough or gagging. For those with mild symptoms, outpatient treatment is usually recommended (due to contagious nature and wanted to prevent hospital-wide contamination) with 10-14 days of antibiotics and cough suppressants. More severe cases (pneumonia) require hospitalization, intravenous fluids, and possible nebulization.

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